HNB prevails on summary judgment against a Korean-based electronics manufacturer and obtains $626 million judgment and nationwide permanent injunction.

Nov 05, 2010 Hagan, Noll & Boyle News

On November 5, 2010, the United States District Court for the Central District of California granted HNB’s motion for summary judgment against Korean-based electronics manufacturer Global Technologies, Inc. HNB filed suit against Global Tech in May 2009 on behalf of several telecommunications clients and their encryption provider for claims under the anti-trafficking provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. HNB supported its motion for judgment with expert analysis of the firmware and hardware components of certain receivers manufactured by Global Tech and imported into the United States for distribution. In addition to finding in favor of HNB’s clients and awarding $626 million in maximum statutory damages, the Court entered a permanent injunction prohibiting Global Tech from importing the target receivers and any similar future products into the United States. HNB subsequently worked with foreign local counsel on enforcement and ultimately settlement proceedings in Korea.
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